Hello and this is CCP news. There is this new girl in our class named tTiffany she claims that she was bitten by a

​​​dog with rabes ​​she didnt have her rabes shots. She pulled her books out of her desk once with her teeth! She is

​​crazy! Then in class ​​everyone is ​​​doing tiffany touch, if your read Diary Of A Wimpy Kid you would know about the

​​cheese touch, well if your touch ​​Tiffany you have ​​the tiffany touch. Recently Kyla Alyssa & Allison have been playing

​​on a virtual world called wooz world. OKay i ​​know that christmas just passed and the CCP Girls wants to know

​​what all of our fans got for christmas so comment below . Follow Us On Instagram At The_Ccp_Girls And thats

​​all this week for ​​CCP Girls news.

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